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WhatsAppMD is a free alternative to the official WhatsApp client that not only lets you send and receive messages with other WhatsApp users, but also offers a more appealing and elegant interface.

Thanks to WhatsAppMD, you can enjoy a much more modern, elegant interface based on the new Material Design style from Google. You'll also have access to lots of smileys and other options to change the look of the app so you can personalize your WhatsApp experience.

Beyond all the visual improvements – which are very nice but just visual, after all – WhatsAppMD works in basically the same way as the normal version of WhatsApp. In other words, you can use it to communicate with your contacts by sending text messages, voice messages, images, and so on.

WhatsAppMD is a very interesting alternative to the traditional WhatsApp client (or even WhatsApp PLUS), thanks to which you can give a personal and unique touch to your conversations. It is important, however, to carefully follow the installation instructions in the 'Notes' section of this description.

To install WhatsAppMD, follow these steps:

- Make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations.
- Uninstall the official WhatsApp client.
- Install WhatsAppMD and import the conversations.

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